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Scrip Cards are GREAT at Humphrey Public Schools!

The Scrip Cards are available to purchase from or OR by going to the Scrip Website and joining!

What is Scrip?
No-Selling, Everyday Fundraising Scrip fundraising is different.
Scrip benefits ALL student at Humphrey Public Schools.
The Booster Club runs the Scrip Program so they can put the money back
into the school benefiting the teachers and the students!

This is how it works:
If someone orders a $100 gift card for The Home Depot, they are paying
you $100 and getting the full value of what they paid. Now, when our
organization places an order with Scrip, we pay less than the full face
value for cards (2-13% less, depending on the retailer). The Home Depot,
for example, offers a 4% rebate, so our organization pays $96 for that
$100 gift card. What happens to that $4 difference?
It's awarded to our program as a rebate!

Scrip shines when families use it for as much of their shopping as they can,
and with over 700 retailers available on ShopWithScrip.com (including some of the biggest in the country), they're sure to find many of their favorite stores.

HPS offers Scrip for gas, groceries, clothing stores,
restaurants, home improvement, entertainment...
the list goes on! It's easy for one family using scrip
to generate $600 - $1,000 or more in one year!
The more families in our organization that start
shopping with scrip, the more our earnings will grow,
and the more we get to spend on our kids at
Humphrey Public Schools!

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